"After Tiller"

Planned Parenthood | Donor Event

After screening Martha Shane and Lana Wilson's documentary at Sundance Film Festival in 2013, we presented the opportunity to produce a special screening with Planned Parenthood board members and major donors. The event we knew would have particular resonance due to efforts in many states to close clinics.  

Ultimately, Rice Media Center and the Center for the study of women, gender, and sexuality collaborated with Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast and a major donor to host the private screening with the filmmakers.  For security concerns, the fundraiser was designed specifically to cater to those within the organizations and create no media attention. A catered cocktail reception preceded the screening with a post-screening discussion including Dr. Carhart via Skype and the filmmakers in person. The event was a great success. 


  • Liaison between filmmakers and Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast.
  • Produced executive level schedules for both filmmakers based on private correspondence between all parties. 
  • Produced print and digital collateral for distribution through the extensive Planned Parenthood database to donors attending the event.
  • Proposed private tour of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast headquarters, that was ultimately accommodated within the 24 hour schedule.   
  • Transportation and Accommodations for filmmakers provided with the utmost confidentially for security concerns. 

About the Film

After Tiller intimately explores the highly controversial subject of third-trimester abortions in the wake of the 2009 assassination of practitioner Dr. George Tiller. The procedure is now performed by only four doctors in the United States, all former colleagues of Dr. Tiller, who risk their lives every day in the name of their unwavering commitment toward their patients. Directors Martha Shane and Lana Wilson have created a moving and unique look at one of the most incendiary topics of our time, and they’ve done so in an informative, thought-provoking, and compassionate way. - See more at: http://aftertillermovie.com